Teddy Bear Teacher Freed In Sudan, On Her Way Home

The British teacher who had been sentenced and jailed for allowing kids in her school name a teddy bear “Mohammad”, has finally been freed.

Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir pardoned her after talks with two British Muslim peers.

In a statement she said:

“I have great respect for the Islamic religion and would not knowingly offend anyone and I am sorry if I caused any distress.”

Mr Brown said it was “completely wrong” that Mrs Gibbons had been detained, and described her imprisonment as “completely unacceptable”.

There was a short and small demonstration again after word went out that Gillian Gibbons would be released early.

The story has attracted media attention from all over the world and while reading the latest updates on the story, I couldn’t resist but also go through the comments. Here’s what some people had to say:

Two foolish sets here. First the reaction of some people in seeking death penalties etc. does show how narrow and close to the edge any fanatic can be – which applies to any religion. It also shows how unprepared/naive the teacher herself was for living in the place she was. She should have understood the mentality and thought about possible consequences. Stay at home love, best place for you. Pays not as good I’ll bet but surely you were not out there for the money……

Stephen Lloyd, London

Stop! It is not all Muslims that are saying / doing these things! It is another example of the LOUD minority tarring the majority with a large brush. Most rational thinking people whatever their religion think this act of imprisonment stupid. So let us all stop branding all muslims as radical zealots! And as for those poor misguided fools parading arround the streets of Sudan calling for teachers death they are just that misguided brain washed idiots! Get rid of the zealots problem solved!!!!!

John Fitzgerald, Boston, United Kingdom

My understanding was that it was Muslim children who voted to name the bear !

Ididnotvoteforthem, UK 

I appreciate the Sudanese and Saudis for demonstrating to the world how backwards backwards they truly are. They can keep their religion of peace, thank you very much.

Dean, Rochester

Every penny of aid to Sudan should be stopped. I suggest that it be given to Pudsey, the Children in Need’s Teddy Bear.

J. Tarr, Plymouth

Maybe the teacher should have strapped some explosives to the bear and sent it out to bomb the west – then maybe the court would have let her off, and the bear would be met in heaven with a 1000 bear virgins.

Mr Plum, England

Where are we the sudanese heading? Naming a teddy bear mohammed is an insult to Islam? come on people. There are flash eaters, killers in Sudan who possessed the name Mohammed. The students are the one who chosed to name the bear ” mohammed” not the teacher.
Islam is being hijacked by terrorist who claimed to be ” Muslim”.

dagi, khartoum, sudan

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