Sacking Santa For Saying "Ho,Ho,Ho"

Um, are you for real? I always thought that was his job…spreading “Ho,ho,ho’s” but apparently one got fired for doing just that!

John Oakes, 70, worked at a department store in Cairns, Australia and says he got sacked for saying “ho,ho,ho” not “hoe,hoe,hoe“! He claims that his agency ordered their Santas to chant “Ha,ha,ha” instead of “ho(e),ho(e),ho(e)” cause, well, obvious isn’t it? “Ho” or “Hoe” is a derogatory US slang word for a woman.

“After my shift on Monday, I got a call from my manager telling me my services were no longer required.

“I hadn’t done anything wrong so I asked her why, and she said, “You said ho, ho, ho and that’s not appropriate”.

A spokesman for the US based agency said:

“The candidate was not sacked nor was his use of the term ‘ho, ho, ho’ a factor in our decision.

“The candidate’s attitude was not in line with the requirements of our client and of their customers.”

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