Update On The Missing Canoeist: Police Arrest And Fraud Complot

Hear, hear! It may have actually been a nasty piece of a scam! Police arrested the British guy, John Darwin, who allegedly lost his memory of the past five years and was presumed dead when they found remains of his canoe.

Sky News said it’s been confirmed that he was arrested at his son’s home in Britain and the police is now anxious to talk to his wife, Anne Darwin, who recently moved to Panama after selling their properties and claiming a life insurance payout.

Anne Darwin, 55, had told the British press she claimed the life insurance in good faith, and that she understands she may have to return the money.

“I want to get back as soon as possible. But first I need to address some issues with my visa. I also have to oversee the arrival of all my furniture from the UK … As soon as everything is sorted out, of course I’ll be straight back,”

But it gets even more bizarre… His wife knew well before he was presumed dead that in fact, he was still alive. A photo of the couple taken a year ago in Panama surfaced and

After being confronted about the photo, Anne Darwin, 55, conceded to the Daily Mail and Daily Mirror newspapers that “that picture answers a lot of questions”.

“Yes, that’s my husband,” she said.

She insisted that she had initially thought her husband had actually died after he disappeared after going canoeing in the North Sea in 2002, adding it was “quite some time” before she found out he was still alive.

Asked how long it was after his disappearance that she discovered he was alive, she would only say: “It was years later.”

Police are still investigating following the arrest of her husband. So she is pretty much admitting already to fraud.

On the subject of the police reopening their investigation into John, she said that he “has not been here (in Panama) all the time”.

She added: “I will have to go back (to Britain) because I won’t have any life here. My family will be absolutely devastated by all this. My sons knew nothing. They thought he was dead.

Now they are going to hate me”

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