Ultra Cheap: 3 Great (Hardly Available) Notebooks Under $500

With Christmas lurking behind each corner, it’s time to lash out on some expensive gadgets and toys…. or maybe not.

For several months now I have been obsessed with the thought of buying a new laptop, but not just any laptop, the Asus EEE – one of the fastest selling little notebooks this season. It’s not surprising though cause it makes a fantastic laptop for the road. The three ‘e’s represent Asus’ vision of it being “easy to learn, easy to work, easy to play”. Anyway, that would be my first choice of laptop, even though it’s quite limited and simple. My main focus is on $, portability, simplicity and connectivity.

One Laptop Per Child – $399 as part of the give-one get-one program. Since this small notebook is intended for kids in developing countries, it’s probably the most robust machine you can get. Unfortunately it’s only being made available in the USA and Canada for a limited time. This would make a fantastic laptop for kids/people/travelers everywhere around the world. Plus if they would continue to sell it for more or even twice as much as it actually costs (it used to be hailed as the $100 laptop) and made it available everywhere, it could actually provide a lot more help for third world countries. However, I expect lots of them popping up on eBay in the new year.


Asus EEE – $400 tiny and probably the best ultra-portable laptop available. The OLPC would have probably been the first choice for many people but since it’s not actually being made available for the public, this one is the notebook to buy! CNET’s review including specs and all the important stuff you should know.


The Intel Classmate – starting at $225. CNET reviewed the OLPC alternative which isn’t really available to the public either. The official web site of the Intel Classmate doesn’t give any information on how, where or if you can purchase it. Again, I reckon it will end up being sold on eBay.


Now if only they were on sale in every Computer store…

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