Abandoned, Battered, Murdered – Children Are "Evil Witches"

kid-witches What’s a great way of making money for some Evangelical pastors in Nigeria’s poorest areas? Witch hunts! Subject of this campaign of hate and evil: innocent Nigerian children.

With a percentage of church goers, pastors have easy play and commit outrageous crimes against humanity, all in the name of Christianity.

Behind the smartly painted doors pastors make a living by ‘deliverances’ – exorcisms – for people beset by witchcraft, something seen to cause anything from divorce, disease, accidents or job losses. With so many churches it’s a competitive market, but by local standards a lucrative one.

A little bit of exorcism

It’s easy, especially for “pastors” to point their finger and put the blame of failed crops, relationships and diseases on black magic and witch craft. And they sure do. Their target: children.

preachers are turning their attentions to children – naming them as witches. In a maddened state of terror, parents and whole villages turn on the child. They are burnt, poisoned, slashed, chained to trees, buried alive or simply beaten and chased off into the bush.

Some parents scrape together sums needed to pay for a deliverance – sometimes as much as three or four months’ salary for the average working man – although the pastor will explain that the witch might return and a second deliverance will be needed. Even if the parent wants to keep the child, their neighbours may attack it in the street.

Some horrific examples just how gruesome, shocking and convincing these pathetic and disgraceful examples of human beings calling themselves “pastors” are:

Nwaeka is about 16. She sits by herself in the mud, her eyes rolling, scratching at her stick-thin arms. The other children are surprisingly patient with her. The wound on her head where a nail was driven in looks to be healing well. Nine- year-old Etido had nails, too, five of them across the crown of his downy head. Its hard to tell what damage has been done. Udo, now 12, was beaten and abandoned by his mother. He nearly lost his arm after villagers, finding him foraging for food by the roadside, saw him as a witch and hacked at him with machetes.

Magrose is seven. Her mother dug a pit in the wood and tried to bury her alive. Michael was found by a farmer clearing a ditch, starving and unable to stand on legs that had been flogged raw.

The Guardian reports.

The Video – Child witches in Africa.

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