The Three Pound Rat

This thing is massive:


This rat weighs 3 pounds which is 1.4 kilograms and scientists suspect that it may be a new unknown species. It’s been found in the remote Foja Mountains of New Guinea in Indonesia.

Apparently it is not scared of humans. I think it looks kind of cute.

National Geographic

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  1. I live in the USA & my dogs killed two GIANT rodents that were each almost identical to the rat in this photo. Perhaps a little smaller, but not much…I remember thinking it was obvious my Dane puppy must have been responsible because they’d never have fit in my Afghan Hound’s mouth. She could have flung them about by their tails I suppose…but judging from the amount of dog slime on them I have a very guilty Dane.

    I didn’t know rats could get that big but I don’t know what else they could have been, both had long hairless tails as thick as my finger and the same gray fur as in the photo. If I’d known they were unusual I wouldn’t have disposed of them.

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