Credit Cards – With Every Wish, There Comes A Curse?

I’ve never been keen on credit cards myself, high interest rates and charges always put me off from acquiring one.

Generally when it comes to my money, I like to know where it is going and how much I get charged for certain things. Needless to say, I have never applied for any credit cards at all but, I might be changing my mind…

Take MBNA for example; nowadays you can do (almost) everything over the Internet… you can apply online for a credit card, which is easier than ever. So are credit cards not evil after all?

Surely not, if you choose wisely! They can have so much benefits and overall, you can access your accounts online at anytime via Online Banking (which I already use excessively and don’t know how I could ever live without) and track your transactions, payments ect…
I guess there’s a tailor made credit card for everyone out there, just check the credit card comparison table at MBNA.

Another issue about credit cards I was worried about is the safety: How often do you watch the news channel or read about fraudulent transactions?

Good thing is though, you are NOT responsible for any fraudulent activities and believe it or not and if you follow some simple tips, as given on the MBNA website, you can easily protect yourself and your card from fraud.

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