Taking Pictures Of Our Memory And Dreams


Suspicious Wife to making-out-to-be-innocent Husband: “You lying, cheating, son of a B…malicious, unpleasant and selfish woman! You slept with her, didn’t you?”

Husband to Wife: “No honestly honey, I would never cheat on you!”

Wife to Husband BeanManIdeaLight : “So prove it, let’s take a snapshot of your memory then!”

Husband starts packing his stuff…

Don’t you sometimes wish you could take a picture of a dream or memory? Even though it’s all memorised in our brain, the aging process and current stream of new data & memories make it really hard to hold on to certain things we’d never want to forget.

Scientist are a step further to what could be a mind blowing technology, perhaps allowing them someday (soon?) to take pictures of memories and dreams / dream sequences. From the Daily Mail:

Professor Jack Gallant led the Californian research team.

Writing in the journal Nature, he said: “It may soon be possible to reconstruct a picture of a person’s visual experience from measurements of brain activity alone.

“Imagine a general brainreading device that could reconstruct a picture of a person’s visual experience at any moment in time.”

Two scientists volunteered to look at 1,750 images while data was recorded from their brains and linked mathematically to the “points” that make up a 3D thought image.

This link between brain activity and image was then used to identify which images were seen by each volunteer from a new set of 120, just by looking at their brain scans.

Even though the idea and the concept is rather mindblowing, an actual device which could take such images is a long way off still.

It certainly would help a massive amount in solving crimes; all you really need to do to convict a person would be to read his mind. The ultimate truth.

On the other hand, our thoughts and dreams should remain our very own property.

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