McCartney Divorce: Mills Gets 25 Million

It’s been a long on-going battle between the former Beatle Paul McCartney and his estranged wife/weirdo Heather Mills.

The Daily Mail reports that she pockets close to £25m from McCartney and the official verdict will be handed down on Monday. Compared to what he is worth, the sum Mills receives seems rather small… but then again, they were only married for such a short marriage.

Rich lists have put his fortune at £825 million and Ms Mills believed it to be even higher.

But the judge appears to have agreed to evidence given by a series of actuaries and accountants that McCartney is worth much less — the headline figure is not clear — restricting the final settlement to Ms Mills.

Is that the end of the Heather Mills saga? Doubtful, I reckon she’ll try and push herself back into the media spotlight.


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