The Beckhams – Famous For Being Famous

We live in a world where you don’t even have to be able to find the UK on a world map and people like David and Victoria Beckham are amongst the richest.

Famous for being famous

“Posh” and “Becks” apparently are the most widely admired celebrities, by British schoolchildren and primary teachers now warn about the impact these “celebrities” have on young kids.

One teacher, Julie Gilligan, from a primary school in Salford, said: “I have seen and celebrity footballer/pop star language and behaviour in the playground and in school – including disturbingly age-inappropriate ‘acts’ by young girls in school talent shows.”

Not only their behaviour is a reason to worry; kids who look up to Paris Hilton and the likes, are increasingly neglecting their studies cause one thing they all have in common: they haven’t actually achieved anything, or are educated or set a milestone in science… they are famous for being 1) Hilton – a dumb, blonde heiress with a dog fetish whose porn video made people recognise her 2) Beckham – being a footballers wife.

Becoming a WAG – every girl’s dream?

Another teacher, from a primary school in Oxfordshire, said: “Colleagues and I have discussed worries about girls in particular trying to dress in an unsuitable (i.e. provocative) way on ‘home clothes’ days.”

A teacher from a junior school in Bath reported that the sole ambition of one of his pupils was to be a footballer’s girlfriend, or WAG or as some would say, SLAG

If your sole ambition is to become rich and famous through some reality tv show like the incredibly pathetic “Big Brother” contestants, or to be a professional SLAG WAG, go ahead and try. In the end, it’s all empty and meaningless bullsh*t.


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