Going Green – Happy St. Patrick’s Day Lads And Lasses!

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Let’s just pretend we’re Irish for a day and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the green way!

Kicking it off… Irish Jigs On Nintendo DS

Featured in this video is the DS game “Daigasso Band Brothers”. Well done

What’s better than celebrating St. Patrick’s Day than yummy food? Here’s to Green Cupcakes and Green Bread

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Sweet stuff – Green Tea Kit Kat in Japan. Green tea is known to be healthy as well as supporting weight loss, mix it with Kit Kat and you have a good excuse to indulge in chocolate.


One of the most essential things (even though it’s not actually green) for today and I’m sure all Irishmen agree, is beer! Are you unwrapping any Guinness presents today?

Apropos Guinness, ever tried Guinness flavoured Marmite? Yes it does exist. Not my kinda thing, but uniquely British oh and it’s alcohol free.


Keep clean with “Irish Spring” body wash and turn yourself Irish… You can upload your picture and select from various accessories like leprechaun hats, mustaches or pipes and select a body.

Then you can enter your own text which is turned into speech. You can select the voice as well.

Chase the leprechauns with the Puma Sky 2 – St. Patrick’s Day shoes. It’s just one of these products everyone will write or blog about but only a handful will actually buy… cause… well… would you be wearing them every day?

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From green sneakers to glowing kitties made possible by LOLGenetics

cats2epa1212-468x294 as well as the set of fluorescent green glowing pigs…

12885_1_230 genetically modified.

Alright, we are usually all about electric cars but since it’s St. Patrick’s day we figured we must find a green car to blog about… Voila!

A bright green Lamborghini Gallardo balanced atop four teacups


If you’d like to glow like the piggies and the kitties, iGel offers a great solution; Glow in the dark fun!

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