Pondering Question (Not Really): How Did Dinosaurs Fit On Noah’s Ark?

Remember, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinion… So here’s another Christian “explanation” as to how dinosaurs fit on Noah’s ark.

Many people think dinosaurs were all huge animals that could peer over the tops of tall trees. But many dinosaurs were small. Some were about the size of young chickens, and some (like Mussaurus) were not much bigger than the dinosaur tooth pictured at right.

Obviously Noah wasn’t going to stuff a pair of 30-meter high dinosaurs in the Ark, even though Noah’s Ark was huge. So what did he do?

Small dinosaurs would fit on the Ark easily. And remember that even the largest adult dinosaurs started their lives as small babies.

In the late 1970s, skeletons and eggs of tiny juvenile Mussaurus dinosaurs were found in Patagonia in southern Argentina. Mussaurus means “mouse reptile”, and the name is apt because the best-preserved Mussaurus skeleton is so small it fits comfortably in a human hand.

New Scientist of 6 December, 2000 announced the discovery of fossils of the smallest known adult dinosaur. These “microraptors” were only 39 centimeters (15 inches) long — 24 centimeters (9½ inches) of which were its tail.

We don’t know how many species of dinosaur God sent to Noah to take on the Ark. If the largest types were included, they were probably taken when they were still youngish but able to mate. Many animals can mate long before they are fully grown.

Oh my, Noah’s ark must have been overloaded. I think the author of this piece was actually serious…

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