Salt Water Purifying Windmills

Of course people have been thinking about turning sea water into drinking water for centuries and they’ve come up with lots of different approaches. One of the latest I read about was the high-tech Windmills.

There’s too many third world countries that are suffering water shortages and people die because of that every day but this new windmill can apparently purify salt water just by wind-driven energy.


It runs by using the wind’s mechanical force to pump water, and utilizes a high tech reverse osmosis membrane.  The pumped water is pushed against this membrane at approximately 60 bar of pressure, and the salt is kept inside while pure water travels across the membrane.

This is pretty amazing and could solve a lot of water problems and I’m pretty sure it’s already being field tested. The obvious continent this would be serving in is Africa I guess, question is… will people actually embrace it AND maintain it??

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