Headscarf Farce Continues…

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Remember the Muslim girl who got turned down for a job as a hairdresser then decided to sue the salon owner?

The original £15000 Bushra Noah, 19, was originally suing for, has doubled. She demands £34,000 from Sarah Desrosiers, 32, now (including court fees) accusing her of religious discrimination.

The hearing started yesterday and will apparently last three days.

I really can’t figure out what she must be thinking?

“Sick of being turned down as a hairdresser, oh well, I’ll just sue one then, that’ll get me some cash”

This is no discrimination of any kind, this is just someone who’s decided that if she can’t get a job, she may as well try to screw some money out of the system.

The fact that there actually is a hearing is ridiculous enough. It should have never gone to court I think.

I wouldn’t let Bushra Noah do my hair.


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