Hairdresser Sued Over Headscarf

I’m getting increasingly annoyed with reading about supposed “religious discrimination” lawsuits against people who, in my opinion, haven’t done anything wrong whatsoever. One doesn’t get a job, one goes to sue for more than £15,000, to compensate for one’s hurt feelings plus an unspecified sum for lost earnings. Are you for real??

Bushra Noah, a 19-year old Muslim woman is sueing hairdresser Sarah Desrosiers for religious discrimination,after being refused a job. The 19-year old insisted on wearing her headscarf at work and hair salon owner Desrosiers had to turn her down since she needed her staff to display their hairstyles to the public.

Fully understandable. The sad thing about this is that a lot of people seem to think that simply sueing for discrimination could be an easy way to make some quick cash, even though they clearly knew what requirements had to be fulfilled for that particular job ect… yet they choose to apply and when they get turned down, hear hear it’s called discrimination and all the employers fault. What to do? Sue them. Ridiculous.

Also I can’t help but wonder, why would a young woman who refuses to show her hair be a hairdresser? And why would she want to work in a hip, modern salon? And why would she want to touch strangers hair, which would include men’s hair, now I would assume that is somewhat of a no-no for Muslim women right?

Personally I think this whole case is a joke and shouldn’t even go to court. Sarah Desrosiers had every right to turn her down. Period.

Hairdresser sued over Muslim headscarf ban [Telegraph]

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  1. I think it is an outrage. I used to go out with Sarah seven years ago. I havent seen her since then but i know she was never a racist, this whole case is a joke.

    As a non muslim, I would not expect to get a job in Mosque, or Muslim book shop – and would not feel it religous descrimination if they turned me down.

    SOunds to me this woman has a huge chip on her shoulder – her actions could ruin Sarah’s business – this is disgusting. Hopefully it will be thrown oout of court.

  2. Bushra Noah probably doesn’t realise that right now large employers are filing her name under “trouble maker” and that potential employers often search the web for the names of people that they may employ.

    I think if this girl has such strong beliefs and feelings, she should in fact be given a free one way plane ticket to a country that can cater for her beliefs.

    Perhaps the tabloids should run a survey of what percentage of British white people have been discriminated against by Muslim employers.

    Perhaps the public in general should start filing claims against employers who place job ads in job centers stating “Candidates must speak Pakistani”.

    The country is behind Sarah Desrosiers all the way.

  3. busra you not correct ok müslüm friends

  4. As a Muslim, I am deeply ashamed by cons like these. We cannot deserve respect unless we ostracise behavior that undermines our efforts towards an harmonious society. This is not an infringement of equal opportunities. This is a scam at its simplest concept.

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