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Most people in the Blogosphere will have at least heard of the Google PageRank, which is basically Google’s attempt to determine how important a website is. Everyone on the web is posting and talking about it; how to increase your PageRank, how to this, how to that… and I’ve come to realist that a lot of people don’t really know what they’re talking about, let alone, contribute useful information.

So how accurate is it? And most of all, does it really matter that much? Should you care at all? I have been reading up on it quite a bit recently and here’s a post about pagerank on, that I find particularly interesting.

The site looks and feels pretty fresh but promising. There’s not yet many published posts available but I like what I see thus far.

The design web blog revolves around web design, SEO marketing, programming and any related content.  Anyone interested in these topics, as well as people generally searching for info, will surely find this site pretty useful. So I recommend you bookmark or subscribe to it. I get a feeling it’s gonna be quite popular.

I think this might be one to watch, so check it out. Nice overall design too!

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