RSS Feeds For Expired Domains

I have lost track of my RSS feeds. I just have too many and even though I’m trying to keep up, the amount of content just seems overwhelming. So I’ve decided to cut down on my feeds and ditch the old channel I rarely read and get some fresh stuff instead.

I’ve come across a very interesting site, Network Solutions, which offers an RSS feed that feeds through data on expired Domains.

That’s an interesting angle on the whole RSS feed model. In order to try the expired domain name RSS feed, all you have to do is follow the link.

This will get you the actual site. Using the RSS feed for expiring domains is rather easy. The first step is to enter keywords in a search box. This could be anything really. Just put whatever you’re interested in.

Next you are given a selection of criteria and settings for your search query. YOu can select the system to configure your keyword, search various extensions (.com; .net; ect.. ect..), the time frame in which the domain has expired and character length of the domains.

That’s quite simply isn’t it?

Once you’re done making your selections, you just simply hit the search button and voila, you’re presented with the search results. My query for “blog” pulled 91 domains expiring in 10 days. When I got my results, I had the option to manually subscribe by copying a link or adding the feeds to any popular web-based reader. In my case, that was Google.

Informative. Check it out!

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