Growing Plants On The Moon

moon Scientists are still trying to think of ways to make the Moon habitable for mankind. Good idea? Perhaps. Considering that our blue planet is suffering tremendously under the population explosion.

It’s just going to be a matter of time and I think to be settling on the moon would be quite exciting and adventurous. 

In order for people to permanently live and survive on the lunar surface, growing plants is a major issue.

Apparently scientists with the European Space Agency, say that this isn’t impossible at all. When we think of the Moon we usually picture this gray lifeless surface and you can’t really imagine fields of crops covering it.

Surprisingly though, it seems that plants such as marigolds, can grow in crushed rock similar to the lunar surface.

Growing plants and flowers in space has been done before and there’s several concepts on how to make the Moon bloom, so to speak. Self contained kits with seeds and nutrients within an artificial atmosphere would, in theory, not be a problem to grow.

I think the one of the biggest issue that will arise with projects like these is the high amount of radiation.

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