De La Hoya Vs Mayweather

I used to like watching Boxing. Nowadays I don’t seem to have the time to watch any games and I’m not really watching tv all that much and haven’t had a chance to see a real live Boxing match. Even though, I’d love though. I think it could be great fun.

Anyway, I don’t think boxing matches are all that great broadcasted on television. You should be there live and watch them. It’s the same with most sport events really. To fully appreciate it and enjoy yourself, you should actually be in the audience. I’d like to see a live Boxing match sometime and the upcoming De La Hoya/Mayweather rematch would be a perfect occasion.

Oscar De La Hoya is nicknamed “The Golden Boy” and is Mexican American. He won a gold medal for the US Boxing Team at the Barcelona Olympic Games.

After the superfight with Floyd Mayweather in 2007, De La Hoya became the richest fighter in the history of boxing which is pretty amazing.

Just these facts alone would make you want to go and see the match.

Anyway, I think anyone who is interested should definitely not miss this one and De La Hoya vs Mayweather tickets are already on sale. Check it out… you may not want to wait till the last minute, I’m sure these tickets will sell fast.

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