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When you think of Philosophy, many would think it’s just some Gibberish. I think there comes a point in everyone’s life when you are trying to find your truth and answer as to why we are here and what our purpose is.

Many turn to religion, some possibly for very wrong reasons. Catholics, Protestants, ect… one assumes that finding peace equals worshipping god.

That’s however not the case. I’m an atheist and pretty open minded when it comes to alternative beliefs and alternative societies.

The idea of a Stateless Society is very intriguing. When you look what some governments do (recent example: Burma), you seriously wonder if we really need a state. Could we possible govern ourselves? is an inspirational site, organization more like, that believes a stateless world, is a peaceful word.

I like some of the ideas presented on the site and you can read through essays, visit their dedicated forum and browse through field reports. Plenty of thought provoking material you shouldn’t miss.

I think we all aspire a world without war, a world in peace with no government enforcing violence. So check out There’s lots to discover and to think about. Definitely worth a visit!

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  1. It is an interesting concept, certainly, but to assume that war only occurs between states seems to be wrong.

    Iraq is technically one state, yet there is war, or at least violence, between the different groups of people. Same thing in India. Religion could play a part there I suppose but Yugoslavia was one state too. And not all conflicts that arose from there were based on religion.

    The Dafur massacres do not seem to be state related, even though states do have an interest in them and Somalia cannot be called a state any more and still the fighting goes on.

    Even the US Civil War was a war between two groups from the same state.

    “We aspire to a world community without enemy, without war. Man is not enemy of man except through lies of the State and State of the lie” (from
    It seems that man is quite capable of finding a reason for war without the assistance of the state.

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