World’s Oldest Pupil Forced To Quit At 88

Going back to school as an adult is a difficult thing to do. Although plenty of people take the opportunity to complete degrees via long distance courses or evening school. How many of us would go back to primary though?
Kimani Nganga Maruge is/was the world’s oldest pupil. He started at Kapkenduywa Primary in Eldoret a year after the Kenyan government introduced free primary schooling in 2004.

From the BBC:
The school’s head teacher, Jane Obinchu, said he had never missed school before and so when he failed to show up on Thursday, they began to look for him.
“We immediately had to establish what had gone wrong to ascertain our fears before his fellow pupils told us they had seen him aboard a Red Cross vehicle,” she told the AFP news agency.

The Red Cross later confirmed Mr Maruge had been taken into care.

Ms Obinchu expressed her disappointment at the decision and said it may have been hastily taken.

“He is an international figure who was very keen with his studies. I doubt if he can accept his studies to be interrupted,” she added.

The chairman of the local parents’ and teachers’ association, Albert Kebenei, called on the ministry of education to “come to our rescue” and explained that Mr Maruge had dramatically increased enrolment at the school by inspiring families.

I remember reading about Mr Maruge years ago and I think he has truly been an inspiration. Despite his age, this man showed such a determination and eagerness to learn that puts shame on today teenager dropouts who just cannot be bothered.

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