Not Lovin’ It: McDonald’s staff posts nude pics of customers wife online

Ever peeked at someone’s mobile phone pics? It seems like the staff of a McDonald’s restaurant in Fayetteville, Arkansas even went a step further when they posted nude pictures of a customer’s wife on the Internet.

It appears that Phillip Sherman left his mobile phone at the restaurant and the employees promised to secure it until he returned.

They then allegedly went ahead and "secured" also the phone’s pictures which included nude photos of Mrs. Sherman.

Next to the photos of Mrs Sherman, the McDonald’s staff are accused of posting the chain’s slogans, including ‘I’m Loving It’. Details of the couple’s address and telephone numbers were also published, according to The Independent.

The couple allege that following the visit to the restaurant on July 5, they were plagued by nuisance calls which forced them to move home.

Mr. Sherman is now suing the McDonald’s Corp for $3 million in damages for suffering.

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