One clever Fox shoots hunter

Fox-hunting is a rather cruel sports. Like many others, I am totally against it. Despite many claiming it will help keep the number of these animals in check and all that traditional crap, foxes do not deserve to be hunted and killed. End of. Leave them alone.

Anyway, one clever little fox had a lucky escape when it turned the table on a hunter:

A hunter in Belarus saw the tables turn when he shot a fox and attempted to finish it off with the butt of his gun. The fox put up a ferocious struggle and somehow managed to pull the trigger with its paw, shooting the hunter in the leg. In the melee that ensued the fox managed to make good its escape leaving the hunter to explain how he became a fox’s prey. (Source Neatorama)

I am really hoping the fox made it. It sounds like it was wounded quite badly. Hunter got what he deserved.

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