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To Hell With "Purity"

How many virgins does it take to change a lightbulb? Nobody cares, as long as they’re still virgins. Throughout the history of humankind, a virgin has always been hailed and praised for being “pure” and of high morals and everyone’s desire. From Wikipedia: The word virgin is the root form of the Latin noun virgo, […]

Drinking During Pregnancy, Another Example Why You Shouldn’t

If you ever wondered what could happen to a baby if the mother had a bottle of wine for breakfast and three more in the afternoon, every day, during the first five months of pregnancy, then here’s the place to find out.

Dream On… Remote Control For Women

Flashy “Stepford wife” animated clip. Link We don’t like the idea of a “remote control for women” one bit…

Skinny Jeans Instead Of Hijab Can Get You Killed

She would leave for school dressed according to what her strict parents thought was appropriate, then swap the hijab for skinny jeans in the schools bathroom. Instead of getting grounded, Canadian teen Aqsa Parvez, 16, lost her life. According to local police, she was strangled by her father, Muhammad. Because she was acting like any […]