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Internet Overload?

I used to wonder if ever there’ll come a point when the Internet reaches it’s limits… Most would say that this seems highly unlikely since we keep adding to our existing technology to hold more data and files. Jim Cicconi recently said that the Internet could very well reach capacity by, as early as 2010. […]

RSS Feeds For Expired Domains

I have lost track of my RSS feeds. I just have too many and even though I’m trying to keep up, the amount of content just seems overwhelming. So I’ve decided to cut down on my feeds and ditch the old channel I rarely read and get some fresh stuff instead. I’ve come across a […]

Tesco To Launch Download Service

It will take a while until we’re able to actually download groceries. Rather exciting news from the British supermarket chain: They are going to launch an online shop next month, selling music, films, games, tv programmes for ipods and digital players. Everyone who shops online will probably not buy that stuff from Tesco but it’s […]

Can Yahoo Compete With Google?

Yahoo’s advertising model is pretty interesting. While it’s quite limited, recent reports have shown that it grows. So could Yahoo possibly compete with Google’s advertising empire? Doubtful. But perhaps Yahoo will emerge into a serious competitor. I wouldn’t be surprised at all. I still heart Google though.