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Brat On Board: Dolly In Pain

“Baby On Board” stickers are out; get the “Brat On Board” rubber doll. You can stick it onto the window of your car and make it look like it’s got it’s fingers caught. Brat dolly appears to scream in pain for extra dramatic effect: The thing costs 1800 yen and you have to be able […]

Drive-By Coffee Spitter Arrested

What a strange story. A guy in Japan has been arrested for assaulting schoolgirls with coffee. He spit coffee out his car window and into the faces of the girls before quickly driving away, five times. The spitter, who was nicknamed “Coffee Bukake Man” [コーヒーぶっかけ男] by locals, had carried out 5 attacks since the end […]

Stick Those On Your Cell Phone! Kewpie Dolls, It’s Another Japanese Thing

Should we know or at least heard of them? Definitely if we lived in Japan. Yet another collection of weird, bizarre and sort of cute doll cell phone charms:   Sperm worm kewpie It’s hard to tell whether this is supposed to be a sperm or a worm. You’d expect it to wiggle it’s tail […]

"Friendly" Kiddy Knicker Fetishist

People can have the weirdest and most creepy of fetishes. Kazuo Oshitani, a 48-year old guy from Osaka suburb of Ibaraki in Japan, has been arrested for littering his neighbourhood with little girls’ knickers that he wore. Though Oshitani’s oddball fetish initially seemed to have been fairly harmless, things had recently taken a different turn. […]