Anorexia Goes Head To Head With Obesity

We’ve all seen Isabelle Caro posing her anorexic self on Oliviero Toscani’s Nolita ad. What about the other side of the weight scale? Plus-sized model Nancy Hayssen posed in “lollipop-inspired baubles” in response to anorexic ad but “Is Nancy (the plus-sized model) sending the right message?”

Neither seems quite. Can’t there be a middle thing? i mean, not looking like a skeleton and starving yourself, nor clogging up your arteries and piling up on body fat?


3 Responses to “Anorexia Goes Head To Head With Obesity”

  1. Obese!?! Have your brains really become that warped by all the underweight models and actresses? She has a BMI of about 24.2 and a BMI of 25 minimum is needed to be considered overweight. So she is not even overweight let alone obese! She is still a healthy BMI but getting this crap about her weight from people like you. Face it people like you think like that because most hollywood actresses and models have a BMI of “Anorexic” which is below 18 (18.5 is minimum for healthy weight). So rethink your ideas about healthy before making such a rude and ignorant post.

  2. It’s amazing to me that people who are not medical doctors are so ready to state opinion as though it is a fact on these matters…

    Besides, she did it for controversy, and OBVIOUSLY it worked…so I hate to say it, but…Joke’s on you.

  3. Just saw this and couldn’t help it. Maybe because both of the previous responders seemed so incensed over a simple question (I don’t think you even posed an opinion, to be honest), but the entire BMI debate is a bit of a joke. It’s like having a scale for mental health – if you fall within this range, you’re healthy. It’s nonsense.

    I think the plus-sized model isn’t obese, but I don’t think she’s healthy either. And if that’s her choice, hey, power to her; whatever she feels comfortable with, I’m not going to knock it. However, if I were to find myself in her body, I would not be comfortable. And I hope nobody would knock that, either.

    Fat/Slim chance of that.

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