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Angelina’s Veiny Arm

Technorati Tags: angelina jolie , angelinajolie , celebrities , gossip Ok, I know we all got our little blemishes here and weight issues there and stretch marks and all of the nasty stuff that is “normal”. However, I don’t know about this: (image credits: A Socialite’s Life) Angelina Jolie on the set filming her latest […]

Education 2.0: Educate Yourself Online For Free

Technorati Tags: education , online classes , free education , free courses , college , college courses , yale , princeton , stanford , university , degrees , online degrees Thinking about going back to school? Well, you don’t really have to leave your PC chair anymore to educate yourself. The Internet has made it […]

Waste And Recycling: Amazing Things You Can Do With Rubbish

Technorati Tags: environment , recycle , rubbish , recycling , compost , composting , waste management It’s never too late to start and it is so darn easy if you know how to: I’m talking about recycling. This is a kind of boring topic for most people and unfortunately a lot just don’t bother with […]

Did You Know: Seven Facts About Water And Food

Technorati Tags: water , crops , water supply , food Two essential things we take for granted. Some interesting facts and figures about water and food: While drinking water intake usually varies between 2 and 3 liters/person/day and other domestic water requirements for personal and household hygiene necessitate between 30 and 300 liters/person/day, the production […]