The Best Way To Lose Weight?

…depends on the individual. I believe there is no such thing as a “universal” diet that will rid you of unwanted pounds.

Does anyone actually know how many different diets are in existence? Probably not. From the Weight Watchers to the quite unhealthy Atkins diet… all promise one thing: lose weight.

Well sometimes it just doesn’t work with a diet or any weight lost program and people resort to more drastic measures: surgery.

But there’s another option. If diets don’t work and one doesn’t want any surgery, the gastric balloon is a third and better option.

Just like the name says, a balloon is placed in the stomach creating a feeling of fullness and makes people stick to much smaller portions, hence less calories.

The balloon is filled with sterile saline and put into place under light deation.

As always though, one should chose a trustworthy and reliable company / health institute to carry out procedures like this, such as the Healthier Weight Centre. In addition they have lots of useful information on their site.

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