SocialSpark Is Up And Rolling

Anyone who’s into paid blogging will surely enjoy this new site: SocialSpark. This new site is a social network for posties with a twist; you can earn some cash too!

SocialSpark is different and the site is a great opportunity to interact with and meet other bloggers as well as advertisers.

I’ve been a member for several weeks now and have enjoyed myself so far. I couldn’t really say what I like the most and even though the site is still fairly new and you probably won’t make an instant fortune, I like the whole concept.

All you have to do to join is visit the the site and sign up. It doesn’t take long and once you’re registered, you can add your blogs and have them approved for sponsored posts.

Of course there are rules for submitting blogs, posting, ect… Check out the site for more detailed information.

One of the big differences to PayPerPost is that SocialSpark will allow you to add no follow on your paid links, thus a much better option for anyone who’s worried about their Google PR.

There’s also plenty of cool blogs and people to discover. I really like it so far., come and join me!


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